Issue 2 Volume 1 31 October 2014
Dear Norma Partner, This issue of the Norma Insight is dedicated to the Icon hematology analyzer. After resolving the teething problems we are experiencing a burst of demand and we are having a hard time to keep up. Norma Icon continues to win international awards of excellence; a few days ago it was awarded the innovation acknowledgment of the Provincial Government and the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria (see below).

The unprecedented success of the Icon makes our direct competitors nervous. It is a clear sign of their growing concern that they try to degrade the Icon to balance out their own weaknesses. Comparisons carried out by a biased competitor can‘t be regarded as fair. We take our competitors‘ exceptional attention to the Icon as a compliment and it just doesn’t bother us what they are doing or saying about us; we can refer to the evaluation results made by many satisfied customers, public and private, from Switzerland to Kenia, from Romania to Italy and from Hungary to Austria. We listen to their suggestions and value their opinion (see below).

November 12 is drawing near; that means it's time for the Medica again. As in the last years, Norma will be exhibiting in Hall 1. I can’t wait to see you all soon in Düsseldorf.

Icon recognized again with innovation award

We are proud to announce that after receiving the famous Red Dot and the Senetics innovation prize our Icon hematology analyzer has been awarded the Innovation Award of the Provincial Government and the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria. In the Certificate presented to Norma during the gala ceremony at the histrorical Grafenegg Castle on October 29th the jury has acknowledged the innovative performance of our company and that of the Icon.
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Feedback from customers

It’s all about customer feedback, isn’t it? Our distributors and customers are not only enthusiastic about the innovative features and clinical performance of the Icon, but they are also impressed. After having carefully evaluated and tested the analyzer, the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. We would like to share some of these comments with all our partners.

„Results are greatly satisfactory, especially the differential of the leukocytes comes very near to that of the Sysmex systems. Granulocyte count correlates well with the 5-part diff. The 3 samples with the low PLT (thrombopenia) have been identified by the ICON system. RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV and PLT show nice correlations as well. The ICON system has detected, as the only unit of the (evaluated) 3-part analyzers, the massive monocytosis of sample #13. We didn‘t set the (calibration) factors, the analyzer was used with factory calibration.“ Excerpt from the report about the evaluation carried out by a leading hospital in Zurich, Switzerland on a group of 3-part systems against Sysmex XP300 and other 5-part systems.

„Dear Taj, How are you brother. This is your young brother Hussein Roba....kindly get in touch with me on this wonder hematology analyzer. Regards, Hussein“ – email communication between our distributor and a new potential buyer, Lancet Laboratories in Nairobi, Kenya.

OKITI National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, Budapest, Hungary is the 3rd largest center of neurosurgery in Europe. Our Icon is helping doctors of the Intensive Care Unit to obtain hematology results immediately; there is no need to wait for the results from the central lab. Dr Anna Gal: „We love the Icon! It is small, fast and accurate. It‘s like a jewellery box; carfully made, appealing design and high-tech inside, with its accuracy, speed and reliability. It is a great help to all of us at the ICU.”

„Cluj County Emergency Clinical Hospital has one of the largest Emergency Units – SMURD (SMURD = Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication) in Romania. We have tested the Icon Hematology Analyzer for more than one month. The Icon was provided us by NOBIS Labordiagnostica company. We are satisfied with the performance of the analyzer, we are especially happy about the possibility of having fast CBC results.“ Dr Adela Golea – Head Physician, EMU-SMURD, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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Icon measures capillary blood samples

Due to its special design Norma Icon can directly measure capillary blood samples collected in BD Microtainer® MAP* (Microtube for Automated Process) with K2EDTA. BD Microtainer® MAP tubes are designed for the collection, transport and automated processing of skin puncture samples from infants, children, geriatric, oncology, and critical care patients. This tube is used for capillary collections from skin punctures such as heelsticks on infants or fingersticks on small children. It holds between 250 and 500 μl of blood.

*BD Microtainer MAP is a registered trade mark of Beckton Dickinson and Company.
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The Medica is the world’s largest medical trade show organized yearly in Düsseldorf, Germany. This year’s Medica will begin on November 12 and will be closing on November 15. Norma will be present with a corner booth of 48 m2 in Hall 1 No. C40. For us the Medica is much more than handshakes and business cards. It is a great opportunity to meet you, our partners, distributors and potential clients.

We are waiting our visitors with an exciting new booth design concept and a welcoming reception area for initial contacts. We look forward to your visit.
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Norma Access – the new remote support tool of the Icon

In the near future all Norma Icon analyzers installed at customers can be upgraded with the Norma Access remote support tool. Similarly to the well known TeamViewer* it enables trouble-shooting the unit anytime from your home office, access and transfer the log file, in exceptional cases even eliminate the problem – as if you were sitting in front of the analyzer. There is no need to visit the customer site. The Norma Access can save the field service precious time and traveling expenses. To use the Access one only needs to have an Icon installed in the office. The unit at the customer site and the one in the office have to be connected to the internet via cable or by using a USB wifi adapter.

Currently we are carefully testing the Access in operation. This tool will be available for worldwide use as of January 2015.

*TeamViewer is a registered trademark of TeamViewer GmbH.

New Technical Bulletin

On October 24th our Customer Service issued a Technical Buletin for the field engineers of our distributors. The Bulletin contains comprehensive information about the new Icon software version 0.1.326.0 released on October 10th. We strongly recommend to run always the latest software version on your Icon. The new release includes a long list of new features further improving the user experience, the efficiency of the service suppprt as well as the performance of the analyzer.

Besides the new software version the Technical Bulletin displays the training schedule for the first half of 2015.
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