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Norma Instruments Zrt., Budapest, Hungary


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Norma Icon-3 – smart, elegant, innovative
Norma Icon-5 – a smart, 5-diff solution with cutting-edge technology
Norma Icon-5 OP – a smart, 5-part diff solution with open vial sampling
Norma i3LAB – a 3-part solution with closed vial sampling designed for labs


Norma Autoloader – the only retrofittable autosampler on the market


Norma-iRP Reagent Packs – reagents developed for Norma hematology analyzers
Generic Hematology Reagents – a full line of dedicated reagents for automated cell-counters



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Start your future with us!

Norma, as a fast growing global company in the Medical Device Industry, is looking for new colleagues who are ready to join our dynamic team. Would you like to become a member of Norma’s dynamic team, but you don’t see a current open position which suits you? Send us your CV so that we can get to know you better, and in your email, please mention which field or position you would be interested in. We are especially looking forward to receiving the application of graduate or fresh graduate engineers.

Management & Contacts

Norma has a devoted team with many years of experience in the development, production and commercialization of laboratory diagnostic equipment.

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Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision is to make hematology practices available in every corner of the world. We continuously focusing on creating new technologies that can contribute to a more effective patient care by allowing patients to receive quicker diagnosis and treatment at site, thus helping them with more efficient and faster recovery.

Our mission is to be the leading point-of-care or near-patient hematology manufacturer in the world.

About us

Norma Instruments Zrt. is a Hungarian company that specialized in the designing and manufacturing of high quality and innovative blood analysis systems serving the in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) market. Since our company’s launch in 2012, Norma grew into an international company that operates in nearly 80 countries today through a well-established and well-trained distribution network.