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july 29, 2022

Norma Award 2021 Winners Announced

Norma Instruments Zrt. announced that Norma Awards have been re-established to recognize outstanding performance of Norma distributors in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Latin America & the Caribbean region and Africa.

The winners were selected in a complex evaluation process and the judging criteria were defined in agreement with the sales and business development, the technical support, the product management & regulatory, and the marketing departments approved by the management of Norma Instruments Zrt.

After having examined various aspects of the above listed areas the winners of the Norma Awards 2021 are the following Norma partners by regions:

Africa Region – Sadara Medical Company, Libya

Asia-Pacific Region – Active Scientific Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Europe Region – A. De Mori S.p.A., Italy

Latin America & the Caribbean Region – Caribbean Medical Supplies Inc., Guyana

Middle East Region – ASCO Group, Iraq

On behalf of Norma Instruments Zrt, Chief Executive Officer Gergely Domonkos Horváth and VP Business Development Dr. Csaba Hilt congratulated to the winners and thanked Norma partners for the enthusiasm, commitment and perseverance in distributing Norma products in last year’s challenging times and changing economic environment.

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