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january 30, 2019

Norma launches the only retrofittable Autoloader available on the market

Norma’s hematology product portfolio is continuously expanding. Norma’s newest hematology accessory, the Norma Autoloader is an automatic sample vial loading device that allows better workflow and improved time efficiency for your laboratory.

Besides its space-saving dimensions similar to any Icon’s compact size, what makes the Autoloader a unique instrument is that it is the only retrofittable autosampler on the IVD market; it can simply connected via USB to existing Icon-5 hematology analyzers.

Norma Autoloader’s unique features like it’s moving robotic arm, sample vial gripper operation, built-in sample mixer and barcode reader together with the 2 interchangeable sample trays, each with a 50-vial sample capacity, makes it perfect to help your laboratory’s continuous workflow.

All these great features make the Icon-5 more suitable for medium and big laboratories.

For more information and technical specifications:

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