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NormaCont5+ hematology controls are designed to monitor and confirm the precision and accuracy of Norma Icon-5, Norma Icon-5 OP and Norma iVet-5 hematology analyzers. The controls simulate whole blood and are available with tri-level (abnormal low, normal and abnormal high) assay values. Our innovative controls can be ordered on a quarterly basis to always provide our customers with fresh control material.

NormaCont5+ can only be used in Norma Icon-5, Icon-5 OP and iVet-5 hematology analyzers


  • Tri-level controls: low, normal and high vials.
  • Closed vial shelf life: 2 months
  • Open vial stability: 8 days
  • Vial size: 3 mL screw cap pierceable vials

Kits are available

NormaCont5+ KIT K1 (2L,2N,2H)6* 3 mL
NormaCont5+ KIT KN (6N)6* 3 mL
NormaCont5+ KIT KL (6L)6* 3 mL
NormaCont5+ KIT KH (6H)6* 3 mL
Széchenyi 2020 NKFIA