Norma Autoloader – the only retrofittable autosampler on the market

The Norma Autoloader is an automatic sample vial loading device that allows better workflow and improved time efficiency for your laboratory. The Autoloader is compatible with Icon-5 hematology analyzers, and what makes it a unique accessory is that it is the only retrofittable autosampler on the IVD market at the moment: you can easily install it with existing Icon-5 analyzers as well!

The Norma Autoloader is suitable for medium and big laboratories. It has a space-saving compact size, similar to the dimensions of any Icon analyzer, which can be valuable to any laboratory around the world. Norma offers the Autoloader with 2 interchangeable sample trays, each with a 50-vial sample capacity, a built-in sample mixer and a built-in barcode reader. These features will help to achieve the continuous workflow that your laboratory needs!

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Highlights and Best Features

  • Compatible with the Icon-5 hematology analyzer – existing analyzers as well!
  • Space-saving compact size
  • 2 interchangeable sample trays with identification – each with a 50-vial sample capacity
  • Built-in sample mixer and barcode reader
  • The Normaboard is used to mechanically align analyzer with Autoloader – easy and quick installation (requires service personnel)
  • Connected via USB to the analyzer
  • Full sequence (full tray scan) and Random-access mode (sample positions can be selected on the analyzer) operations are available
  • Autoloader operation can be paused at any time – ER samples to be measured directly in the Icon-5’s closed vial port
  • Moving robotic arm and sample vial gripper operation – mechanical forces are limited to avoid any injuries
  • Gripper is designed to grab only vials with cap – tube detection by mechanical force feedback
  • Control and calibrator material to be measured directly in Icon’s closed vial port

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Technical Specifications

CompatibleIcon-5 hematology analyzer
AccessoriesNormaboard, 2 interchangeable sample trays, power supply
Capacity50 samples
Tested vial typesGreiner Vacuette; BD Vacutainer
Operation modesFull sequence operation – full tray scan (can be paused at any time)
Random access mode – sample positions can be selected on the analyzer
Connectivity2 x USB ports, built-in barcode reader
340 x 220 x 310 mm
Normaboard dimensions (WxD)435 x 375 mm
Weight8.5 kg
Throughput60 tests / hour with Icon-5
PowerExternal power supply, universal, 24 VDC, 2,7 A (100-240 VAC 50-60Hz), non-grounded
Maximum 60W