Hematology Reagents


The spirit of hematology analyzers.

Norma-iRP Reagent Packs

The Norma-iRP Reagent Pack is an easy-to-use, disposable, compact set that contains all the reagents that are required for the use of the Norma hematology analyzers

Generic Hematology Reagents

Norma develops, manufactures and markets a complete range of dedicated reagent sets for 3-part and 5-part differential hematology analyzers.

Norma Reagents-Analyzers Cross Reference Table

Product name Product Code Volume Description Icon-3 Icon-5 Icon-5 OP iVet-5
Norma-iRP31IC-91711100 testsReagent pack for 100 testsX
Norma-iRP35IC-91715500 testsReagent pack for 500 testsX
Norma-iDil3IC-117355 LDiluent reagent in cubitainerX
Norma-iDil3IC-1173110 LDiluent reagent in cubitainerX
Norma-iLyse3IC-217311 LLysing reagent in bottleX
Norma-iSol3IC-417311 LCleaning reagent in bottleX
Norma-iSol3IC-417355 LCleaning reagent in cubitainerX
Norma-iRP51IC-91751100 testsReagent pack for 100 testsX
Norma-iRP54IC-91754400 testsReagent pack for 400 testsX
Norma-iDil5IC-117555 LDiluent reagent in cubitainerX
Norma-iDil5IC-1175110 LDiluent reagent in cubitainerX
Norma-iLyse5IC-217511 LLysing reagent in bottleX
Norma-iClean5IC-517550.5 LCleaning reagent in bottleX
Norma-iRP51 OPIC-91771100 testsReagent pack for 100 testsX
Norma-iRP52 OPIC-91772250 testsReagent pack for 250 testsX
Norma-PetPackIC-917613.2 LReagent pack for 100 testsX
Norma-iHCleanIC-81731100 mL DetergentXXXX
Norma-iOptiCleanIC-81750100 mLDetergentXXX