Norma-iRP Reagent Packs

Norma-iRP Reagent Packs

The Norma-iRP Reagent Pack is an easy-to-use, disposable, compact set that contains all the reagents that are required for the use of the Norma hematology analyzers. The analyzer’s onboard camera or barcode reader identifies the pack by reading the QR code printed on the pack’s Instruction for Use.

Features & Benefits

  • Packaged for compatibility – you have the required volume of each solution on board, no more, no less. All reagents will be fully consumed at the same time.
  • The pack provides you with a guaranteed number of test cycles. The remaining number of tests is tracked and displayed by the analyzer.
  • No need to attach the messy and dirty tubing set to various reagent bottles and waste container when they have to be replaced.
  • Clean and safe – no biohazard.
  • The pack is airtight, therefore the open box stability of the reagents is significantly longer.

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Technical Data

Number of test cycles available in different packs:

  • Norma Icon-3: 100 tests or 500 test reagent packs
  • Norma Icon-5: 100 tests or 400 test reagent packs
  • Norma Icon-5 OP: 100 tests or 250 test reagent packs
  • Norma iVet-5: 100 test test reagent packs

(subject to the fulfillment of specific conditions)

  • Shelf life: 4 years
  • Open pack stability: 6 months