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september 18, 2018

Quick and gentle, on the spot blood test at the pediatric clinic

From now on pediatricians in Budakalász are using a unique hematology analyzer from Hungary. The device provides immediate and accurate results in one minute using only a few drops of blood. As a result, in most cases, it now won’t be necessary to take children to a nearby hospital for blood sample collection from their vein.

The purchase of the device was initiated by the local pediatricians, by Dr. Tordas Dániel, Dr. Dalloul Hicham and Dr. Németh Márta, and was sponsored by Mayor Rogán László.

Mayor Rogán László said, he found this initiative important because the device enables quick, gentle and effective blood examination of children, thus he ensured the 1,4-million-forint purchase from local municipal sources.

“The device is primarily used to diagnose bacterial infections and viruses, in addition for detecting anemia, blood disorders, thrombocytopenia and immunodeficiencies. Furthermore, in case of existence symptoms, the device can help to identify surgical problems (just as appendicitis), diagnosing malnutrition or to track side-effects caused by the treatment of various serious autoimmune diseases.” – local pediatricians said. The device is also unique as it was never used before in Hungary while providing primary care.


A so-called CRP instrument is used in some places to detect infections caused by viruses and infections, but these devices can only identify pathogens with a 70% accuracy. This new hematology device measures with a more precise, over 90% accuracy. More than 2000 analyzers have been sold worldwide, while in Hungary, Budakalász is the first to purchase this device. The device was envisioned and designed by Hungarian engineers, and the manufacturing and development also happens nearby, in Budapest’s 3rd district.

The representative of the manufacturer, Mr. Végh András told that the device can differentiate three types of white blood cells, which are the Lymphocytes, Monocytes and Granulocytes. Furthermore, the device can measure 22 parameters in total, including red blood cells, thrombocytes and hemoglobin. These parameters are essential for diagnosis and greatly help doctors to find the right kind of treatment.


Pediatricians also said that the device has a significant role in those cases when children would be subject to long journeys, long awaits and unpleasantness of taking blood samples from their veins. There are also some cases when it is too late to make therapeutic decisions if the results arrive the day after taking the blood samples. Doctors now can immediately start medication based on precise results. This levels up patient safety and the standards of treatments.


It is important to note that parents don’t have to pay for the analysis. The device is purchased by the local municipality and obtaining the necessary indicators for operation is done by doctors. In case when full laboratory test is needed (e.g. measuring liver or kidney functions, ions, blood lipids) venous blood sample collection is necessary. (These devices cost more than tens of million forints.)

The device can also be used by general practitioners, however chronic illnesses in adult consulting usually require taking a full blood test.

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