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august 21, 2018

The Icon-5 OP is now available!

Norma is proud to announce that its hematology family has grown again, and a new, laser-based 5-part diff analyzer has been added to its hematology product portfolio, the Icon-5 OP.

The Icon-5 OP inherited all the Icon-5’s best features, such as its compact size, straightforward navigation, elegant design and maintenance free operation. The Icon-5 OP also kept its predecessor’s cost-effectiveness because of its extremely low reagent consumption. The difference between the two analyzers is in their sampling mode; while users could only perform closed tube measurements with the Icon-5 thus far, the Icon-5 OP now gives users an opportunity for open tube sampling, which also allows them to measure from capillary samples.

The Icon-5 OP, similar to other Icon analyzers, was primarily developed to be used in Point-of-Care or near-patient testing environments, such as in Intensive Care Units, Emergency Departments, GP Offices, Blood Banks or even in Mobile Care Units, allowing patients to receive faster diagnosis and treatment, thus helping them with more efficient and faster recovery.

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